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High life Ayurvedic Hospital


Ayurveda, the ancient system of natural healing, has a strong base in Kerala, Keraleeya Ayurvedic Treatments are popular worldwide due to authentic approach through unique treatment methods & medicinal formulations.
High life Ayurvedic Hospital is a well established ayurvedic treatment centre which has a traditional base of Kalari Marma chikitsa. Thousands of people already got relief from various ailments like low back ache, cervical spondylosis, Rheutamoid Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, gout, sciatica, paralysis, Oteo Arthritis, etc. This hospital is specialized in dealing cases like bone fractures, sprains & dislocation of joints. This is done by special type of bandaging using our own medicated oils and powders.
Many eminent personalities and foreigners have already got satisfied with our sincere approach & facilities. People from various countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Italy, Germany, Maldives, Lakshadives, Oman, Singapore, etc are visiting our hospital for getting genuine Ayurvedic treatments.

About Us

Company Info: 

High life Ayurveda Hospital is a genuine ayurvedic treatment centre situated in Mukkom (Calicut dt, Kerala). Hospital is well known for its traditional approach to treatment, coupled with modern day techniques and evaluation. We also incorporate the traditional Kalari Marma Chikilsa along with ayurvedic panchakarma chikilsa. Majority of the cases dealt here are diseases of bones and joints ( fractures, dislocation, low back ache, Disc prolapse, rheumatoid Arthritis, Rheumatic Arthritis, osteo arthritis etc…)
For all these cases we employ our special traditional treatment method called ‘Bandha’ (Bandage) Fracture and dislocations are dealt only by means of bandaging with our special medicines such as HL mix lepam, Hl mix Oil and HL marmani oil. These Medicines ensure faster bone setting and reduces pain and swelling considerably. In other cases like arthritis inter vertebral disc prolapse etc, we use appropriate medicines combinations depending up on the symptoms, nature of the body, season etc. Thus used medicines reduce the pain and swelling very fast.


  •     Spacious, hygienic, well furnished rooms
  •     A/C and non A/C Rooms
  •     Kerala style tasty and nutritious food
  •     parking space
  •     Round the clock communication facilities including e-mail, and telephone, both domestic and overseas.
  •     Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms
  •     full time resident physician
  •     Well experienced masseurs.
  •     24 hrs power supply
  •     24 hrs hot water supply
  •     ampere atmosphere
  •     Clean Surroundings


  •     Abhyangam (Oil Massage)
  •     Pizhichil
  •     Njavarakizhi
  •     Sirodhara
  •     Udvarthanam
  •     Sirovasthi
  •     Podikizhi & Elakizhi
  •     Bandaging
  •     Nasyam
  •     Vamanam
  •     Virechana
  •     Vasthi
  •     Rakthamokshanam (blood-letting)

Contact Us

+91 0495 2296200
+91 94473 38173 +91 97476 55988

N. Karrassery
Mukkam - 673602 Kozhikode
Kerala, India.


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