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The Yash Birla Group in December 2008 joined hands with the Kerala Vaidyashala. With its dedication to the age old science of Ayurveda, it comprises of Total Health Orientation with a living experience of being in Harmony with Nature. One can just lean back, relax in the ethnic surroundings and soak oneself into the ambience to get back enthusiasm and vigor. Kerala vaidyashala has its roots in the Calicut district in Kerala from where they branched out to open the first stay spa at Aluva near Kochi. Today Birla Kerala Vaidyashala has 30 therapy centres which are a a combination of resorts, clinics and franchisee treatment centres across India in Kolkata, Shirdi, Alibagh, Mumbai, Goa, Nashik, Panchagani, Pondichery, Fortkochi, Aluva and Cherai. The centres offer ayurvedic therapies from the sacred ancient texts.

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Company Info: 

The Yash Birla Group has acquired a majority stake in Kerala Vaidyashala through a joint venture. The Group will hold a 51% majority stake in the new entity. As part of its immediate plans, BKV has earmarked INR 5 Billion over the period of 5 years to open 200 centres which includes its own centres, franchises, high end luxury stay spas, cruise Spas and 19 economy centres across Maharashtra. Birla Kerala Vaidyashala will have its spa centres across Kerala, Goa, Mumbai Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. In Mumbai it has centres in Juhu, Prabhadevi, and Napeansea Road to name a few. The Franchise Model is adopted to encourage entrepreneurship as well as to penetrate rapidly into the burgeoning mini-metros and Class 1 Towns.

Birla Kerala Vaidyashala specializes in offering treatments for lifestyle disorders, chronic health disorders which conventional medicines may not be able to treat. As part of its portfolio, it already has a fully functional hospital and research centre, Panchakarma training centres, Ayurvedic medicine & equipment manufacturing units. The Economy centre at Aurangabad promotes Ayurvedic treatments and medicines which compliment the treatments to tier II & III towns. With the aim of providing a comprehensive medical solution it makes Birla Kerala Vaidyashala one of the finest integrated Ayurvedic Healthcare companies in the country.



Sarvakaya Abyangam (Therapeutic Ayurvedic Massage)
 A therapy to ease away muscular pain and cramps of daily life. It consists of a medicated oil therapy in which therapists will gently apply oil in synchronized rhythmic strokes. A massage that removes fatigue from muscle tissues and eases your body and is considered to be the best treatment to pacify aggravated Vata dosha, the causative factor, many neurological disorder, neuromuscular disorders.Abhyanga also helps delay ageing, sharpens eye sight and Provides flexibility of joints and improves mental clarity.
Shiro Dhara          
Considered to be one of the best discoveries of ayurveda according to the references in Sahasra yoga "Dhara Kalpa" a therapy which is having multi disciplinary actions and which treats various systems of body by its unique procedure of administration. It especially has its main role n Uttama Anga i.e Head. The therapeutic value ranges from psychosomatic disorders viz-anxiety, depression, behavioural disorders, hysteria and systemic disorders, hysteria systemic disorders hemiplegia, ENT disorders and even to pacify pitta and vata dosha. It also improves memory, concentration and ensures hair growth.
A combination of Sarvakaya Abhyangam and Shirodhara which provides a complete state of rest to both, the mind and body. It clams down the excited nervous system and soothes the internal environment of the body and hence gives an opportunity to the body to re-energize itself. This activity when taken on a regular basis will boost your immune system and ensures neuro-endocrinal axis in a well balanced way. And it is rightly said that medicated oil pacfies
Ayushman Bhava
A therapy with a combination of Shirodhara, Sarvakaya, Abhyangam and Mukhalepam. Along with the beneficial effects of Abyngam and Shiro dhara, Mukhalepam gives the following benefits "Mukhalepam Sheelanam Dhridham bhavati" which means that regular use of mukhalepan helps to improve vision. The combined effect of Dhara and Abyangam helps the oil which has got vyavayi property to spread fast. This then gets assimilated with the body components and opens the srotasas (channels of body) and by Tikshna guna (Penetrating power of oil) brings out the endo toxins.
Elakizhi (Herbal Leaf Therapy)          
Remove Your Toxins
Get pounded with hot boluses of herbs and leaves dipped in warm medicated oils.Enjoy the hot touch as the boluses reduce the pains and aches in your tried body.Feel your body becoming plain and flexible under the trained hands of the therapist. This therapy is recommended for arthritis and other muscular-skeletal diseases. It also keeps you trim and healthy and reduces inflammation with the help of the medicated properties of herbs and leaves that enter your body.
Takra Dhara (Nectar for your soul)
 A Shiro Dhara with a Mixture of cooling herbs and buttermilk. This therapy will drive away your blues, pull you out of depression, drive away insomnia and nourish the entire nervous systems, Intended to cool your head, this therapy is excellent to drive depression away.
Tarparam (Eye Therapy)
Banish the tiredness around your eyes.
Reduce the strain of your eyes, Let the black circles fade away. Nourish the nerves around your eyes. This therapy with medicated ghee prevents optic nerve degeneration and improves the Sight of the eyes.

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