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Giridhar Eye Institute


Giridhar Eye Institute is a dedicated specialty eye hospital functioning in Kadavanthara, Kochi since September 1997. It is functioning as a leading referral eye hospital for the treatment of retinal diseases, ocular trauma and complicated surgical problems.

The hospital Out Patient Department has a built up area of about 3000 square feet, with well equipped ophthalmic consultation rooms allowing 6 ophthalmologists to handle patients simultaneously. It handles over 100-150 patients daily.

Giridhar Eye Institute has an exclusive, well-equipped state of the art exclusive eye operation theatre. The theatre has been built on standards prescribed by the Indian Medical Association and the Indian Medical Council.

In patient care includes 10 comfortable well-kept independent rooms apart from a general ward. Trained nurses are available for round the clock postoperative care.

Giridhar Eye Hospital is very proud of its correspondence section that forms the backbone of all communication between consultants, patients and referring doctors.

Giridhar Eye Hospital regularly conducts camps under the banner of Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, and other service oriented organizations. Free eye check up and free cataract surgeries for these are performed at the hospital. Apart from camps any patien6t of low socioeconomic status who walks into the OPD is given free or concessional treatment, especially to those who require multiple surgeries.



Vitreoretinal Services (Medical)

The retina is affected by a variety of disorders seen at all age groups. The commonest include Retinal Detachment, Diabetic Retinopathy and other inflammations. A detailed study of the retina involves a thorough clinical examination as well as information from ancillary diagnostic techniques. GEI has one of the most advanced vitreoretinal services in South India. It is a referral centre for nearly all the surgical and medical treatment of retinal diseases.

Vitreoretinal Services (Surgical)

Retinal Detachment Surgery

            Vitreous surgery for diabetic retinopathy, complicated retinal detachment, non-resolving vitreous haemorrhage.

            Vitreous surgery for complicated ocular trauma, complication of cataract surgery, intraocular inflammation.

            Combined surgical procedures involving anterior and posterior segments.

            Use of intra ocular gases and silicon oil as an adjunct to vitreoretinal surgery.     

Special Vitreoretinal Services

Macula Clinic

The macula is the small central part of the retina, which is responsible for the sharpness of the image and the color that we perceive. It is the most important part of the retina, and is susceptible to a variety of affictions such as age related macular degeneration, inflammations and infections.


Contact Us

+91 484 2316791, 2312303, 2324458

Giridhar Eye Institute

Ponneth Temple Road,

Kadavanthra, Kochi - 682 020

Kerala, India.




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