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We love beauty, because it’s not merely of this earth, beauty in the human being is a reflection of celestial beauty itself. The factor that has influenced the entire concept of beauty is the principle of nature and natural product that can achieve results that are best for the human body. The art of healing through nature was known and practiced centuries ago. Today, it has been born again and is being heralded as the latest concept in the cosmetology. This is because natural remedies and herbal products have met with tremendous success in beauty treatments and in the cure of many skin and hair problems. H

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Bleach: Bleaches generally helps to lighten the color of the hair .It can be applied on the face, neck, hands, legs, hair etc…After bleaching black hair turns brown, but looks natural.

When it comes to the skin, bleaching will make the skin looks one shade fairer. Herbal facials are more demanding and safe.

Facial:  The skin can be divided into various types according to TEXTURE. The beauty therapist must know the various types and texture and their related problems. In the clinic she can examine the skin with a skin tester or illuminated magnifier.

Different types of skin needs different types of facials. The treatment of the skin involves the main steps of the cleaning, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. Depending on the type of skin the products used must be adjusted. For instance, massaging an oily skin with heavy creams will activate the oil glands to secrete more oil and give way for the skin problems. For example: BLACKHEADS, PIMPLES, WHITEHEADS, and ACNE.

In our salon, all skin type facials are available. But only on natural products.

The types of facials in Dernier are:

Ø      Fruit Facial

Ø      Papaya Facial

Ø      Chocolate Facial

Ø      Mango Facial

Ø      Vitamin E Facial

Ø      Aroma Facial

Ø      Pearl Facial

Ø      Vegetable Facial

Ø      Cucumber Facial

Other skin treatments available are:

Ø      Neck Discoloration                   

Ø      Lip Discoloration

Ø      Under-Eye Darkness

Ø      Pimple Treatment



Pedicure (Foot Care) And Manicure (Hand Care): It improves the appearance of legs and hands, and keeps them in good condition. It prevents minor nail damages like split nails, fragile tips, increases blood circulation, and reduces the wrinkles of the skin (as they are first signs of aging). Pedicure and Manicure helps tore move mental worries and tensions and gives relaxation.

Waxing:  It’s a method of removing hair from hands, legs and upper lip. Regular waxing helps in reducing the intensity of the hair growth.

:  We are shaping our eyebrows through threading. It enhances the definition of the face. We can minimize widest eyes closer and close set eyes wider. A neatly shaped eyebrow can alter face shape and facial expressions.

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