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Amrita Ayurveda Hospital


The hospital is situated on 25 acres land near the backwaters along the coast of Kerala, 3 kms towards west from national highway near Karunagappally. Ayurvedic hospital is fully functional 250 beds, staffed with highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners. The hospital, comprising one-half of the 2,00,000 square foot area of the entire campus, and has many state-of-the-art medical facilities, n addition, the hospital grounds include 5 acres of medicinal gardens (currently under development), and a well-equipped pharmacy for making Ayurvedic medicine. Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri Campus, is located in Vallickavu about 10 km from 'Ochira' junction on NH47 Alapuzha-Thiruvanathapuram highway.

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The hospital is a large open space with fresh, pollution-free atmosphere. It is situated in serene and natural surroundings completely free from noise and pollution. Clean and fully equipped treatment rooms. It has full time resident doctor and lady doctor.

Amrita Ayurveda Hospital is an authentic Ayurveda hospital is the fruitful out come of Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi – or affectionately called AMMA’s vision in a remote village of Vallikkavu in Kerala God’s own country. Amrita Ayurveda hospital purvey you the traditional, classical Ayurveda treatments to maintain the physical, mental and spiritual care for needy. It has an X-Ray Room, ECG, ultrasound, ICU, several operating theaters, and a fully equipped lab with the capacity to make all varieties of pathological investigations. There is also a Casualty Section, a Labour Room, and a Panchakarma Clinic where all types of Panchakarma treatments are performed.



The treatments offered by this centre are; Basti Karma, Virchana Karma, Vamana Karma, Nasya Karma, Rakta Moksha Karma, Pizzichil, Netra Tarpana, Shirodharra, Abhyanga, Elakizhi, Navarakizhi, Jambeera, Choorna, Sarvangadhara/Kayaseka, Shiro, Netra, Kati, Janu, Greeva, Ksheeradhuma, Upanaha, Dhoomapana, Karna, Gandoosha, Talapodichil Localized Bastis. Other Treatments: Udwarthanam Pindaswedam Karnapooranam Agnikarma Putapaka etc all the ayurveda procedures. And also offers Diabetes, Spinal disorders, Ulcers, Obesity, Hypertension, Skin disorders, Respiratory disorders, Mental disorders, Arthritis.Myopia, Hypermetreopia, Pterygium, Astigmatism, Retinitis, Dryness, Alopecia.

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+91 476 2899722,+91 0476 2899688, +91 0476 2899704

Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Amritapuri, Clappana P.O., Kollam - 690 525, Kerala.


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