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Ayurja Ayurveda Herbal Products


Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care started manufacturing Ayurja Ayurveda Herbal products mainly for export market to: Korea, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland, Tanzania, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Middle East countries and also to UK.

We give importance to the quality of the products and the following products are available with us at present.

  1. Ayurja Shikaki Hair Care.

            This is prepared on the basis of herbal formula specially prepared for all climatic conditions and work as shampoo, provides better health to your hair.

 2. Ayurja Shikaki Soap.

            Ayurja Shikaki Soap is a herbal products for the body purpose.  This special Ayurveda Shikakai Soap is exported to different countries.

 3. Ayurja Aloe Vera Body Cream.

            An excellent Ayurveda Herbal products provides smoothness to the body and face.  This body cream can be used for any climatic condition and one the best Ayurveda Herbal body nourishing cream specially prepared for all condition body use.  Ayurja Aloe Vera cream can be used as a Face cream and hand cream as well.

4. Ayurja Ayurveda Body Oil

            Ayurveda preparation for general body massage.  Ayurja Ayurveda Body oil is used for whole body massage, Abyangam with special herbal ingredients.

Ayurja Ayurveda body massage oil is available in different packing, like: 200 ml - 450 ml and also in packing.

 5. Ayurja Ayurveda Head Massage Oil.

           A special Ayurveda Herbal preparation for Head massage. This head Massage oil could be used for Shirodhara as well.  Prepared as per Ayurveda herbal formulation for cooling the eyes and rejuvenation of the brain.

Ayurja Ayurveda Head massage oil is ideal for daily application on the head before taking bath.  Massage with the oil on the scalp and keep this on for 3 - 4 minutes.  Reduce the use of hard shampoo when using this head massage oil.

 6. Ayurja Neem Body Oil.

 Neem oil is an essential part of Ayurveda.

Neem’s healing ability has long been known for bringing relief to all kinds of human ailments. The medicinal properties of neem have been described in ancient Indian medical texts such as the Atharva veda, Ghrhyasutras and the Sutragranthas.

 The sanskrit name nimba, is a derivative of the term nimbati syasthyamdadati - meaning ‘to give good health’.

 In our ancient religious texts, neem is referred to as sarva roga nivarini (the curer of all ailments)

Ayurja Neem Body oil is for external use only.  This is available in different packing like: 200 ml, 450 ml and in 1 lit packing.

 7. Ayurja Fairness Oil

          Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care has an excellent formulation with different type of herbs for making this Fairness oil.  Kumkuma flower is one of the main ingredients of this oil.  Small use of even a drop with few days application can see the changes in the color.


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