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TRADA has got a full fledged de-addiction centre sponsored by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India. We offer a holistic family oriented community based multi-disciplinary treatment programme looking after the physical and mental health of the patient and his family. Families of the addicts have to play a set of defined roles in the detoxification and recovery of the patients. The period of treatment is for a minimum of four weeks and a maximum of two months (except for the drug addicts). We give much emphasis to group work and group therapy in our treatment aspects. We apply various techniques of counselling such as cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy and the humanistic approach to counselling. This helps the family and the clients to provide mutual support in the recovery and to acquire insight about the problem of addiction.

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Our recovered addicts helps the patients to go through the 12 steps programme of A.A. Our patients are also taught relaxation therapy through Yoga, stress management and spiritual programmes. These regular therapies also help the patients to boost their self confidence and self-esteem and help to change their wrong perspectives on addiction and addictive life styles. By undergoing the regular treatment time table of TRADA the patients are taught to undertake an integrated life style. Daily morning classes and afternoon discussions and evaluations are part of our treatment module. Classes are given on self-management, anger management, sex and sexuality, STDs, and HIV/AIDS to the patients in order to strengthen their physical and mental health. Relapse prevention and warning symptoms of relapse are also explained to the clients. The clients are encouraged to write daily diary. Regular A.A. meetings are also held at the centre for the patients and ex-patients to discuss their problems openly. Such group therapies help people to reconcile with their losses, hurts and past mistakes; as well as to lead an integrated healthy life without addictive substances.

Besides De-addiction management we attend to the sexual health of our clients. Since STIs and HIV/AIDS are closely connected to Addiction we give the patients pre-test counselling and are given the option to test their blood for STDs.; other diseases and if needed for HIV/AIDS. Follow-up of the test results are also conducted. As follow up programme is essential to maintain sobriety we ask our clients to report regularly at stipulated intervals to the centre for counselling. If they fail to turn up we contact them over the phone; through letters and by personal visits to help in keeping up their sobriety and serenity. Regular A.A., Al-anon and Al-Ateen meetings are also conducted at TRADA.



    * Awareness Generation in the community

    * Counselling help during awareness sessions

    * Assessing and motivating addicts to seek help at the De-addiction Centres

    * Counselling services before and after treatment

    * House visits, follow-up visits

    * Child Guidance and counselling services for Higher Secondary school students.

    * Family Counselling

    * Pre-marital Counselling

    * Counselling training

    * Referral Services

    * Community Development activities





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(0478) 2562984

Nirmal Bhavan

Andhakaranazhy, Azheekal

Cherthala, Alapuzha District



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